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 "where the stranger's footprints disappear" (side view)
"where the stranger's footprints disappear" (side view)
green screen, felt, mesh, wood, cable

I was thinking about what devices we use to go from one place to another, ladders, bridges, steps, tools that take us from one state of being to another. I'm considering the physical nature of bodies and how they negotiate space; what devices they want to use to get from point A to B. Leaving and starting off new someplace else is part of a dream we all share - this piece deals with the interruption of those desires, how they get frustrated, how they are blocked or made impassable, how that freedom is denied.
"WHERE THE STRANGER'S FOOTPRINTS DISAPPEAR", is a kind of visual pun - although this twisted set of stairs is easy to get onto, (I've made it low enough so you could step right onto it, it goes nowhere. This is the 1st piece where I started to use transparent and translucent fabrics so that you can see through the object itself; you can see the structure and can literally see right thru it - a deliberate visual pun.